The BESD Production, “THE STAGE IS YOURS”, is Friday, June 14th @ 6pm sharp, PikesPeak Center 190 S. Cascade Avenue.

General admission is free to everyone on a first come first serve basis. Your guests will want to arrive early and stand outside in line for the “good seating” if that is their preference. There are tons of seats in the Pikes Peak Center and plenty of room for your entire family and everyone you know. We are also incorporating RESERVED SEATING for $15 per ticket, if you prefer. You may purchase in the office until Saturday June 8th. Office hours are Monday – Friday 3:30-7 pm and Saturday from 10-4 pm. For your convenience, the seating chart for the Great Hall at the Pikes Peak Center is posted in our studio or you may view it online at

Every dancer at Barbara Ellis Studio of Dance has rehearsals Tuesday through Thursday the week of the show at the Pikes Peak Center (June 11, 12, and 13). I realize that most of you have jobs and the rehearsal schedule is intrusive. Barb makes the below exception for the adult dancers only. We realize this is not entirely helpful for those that work all day, but hopefully you can flex some time that week to accommodate these rehearsals. Our younger dancers should be dropped off at the backstage door by one parent and a room mom will meet them. It is critical that you are on time each day. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO OUR MANY AMAZING VOLUNTEERS…..INCLUDING OUR UNSURPASSED FACULTY! You are all so appreciated. When dropping your dancer off, be sure they have all of their dance shoes and proper dance attire. Please no sports shorts, or baggy clothing. It is preferred for the rehearsal days that your dancer is either in a leotard and tights or leggings with a fitted top or leotard. Hair should be contained and out of the dancer’s face. Male dancers should also be in proper dance attire unless they are only in the Hip Hop program. During our Tuesday rehearsal that week, ONLY authorized faculty and room moms on our list will be allowed at the rehearsal. We are limited on space that day. The dressing rooms will be open and available starting Wednesday of show week. We will have dressing room “assignment” list at the back stage check in should you have any questions.

All liability forms that were turned in last season are fine for this season also. If you have not yet filled out one, please stop by the office asap to fill one out. Thank you.

Regular schedule: ALL DANCERS not in the adult program. We will run each finale at the beginning of the rehearsal on Tuesday & Wednesday) SHOW LINE UP WILL BE POSTED ON OUR PRIVATE FB PAGE AND BY EMAIL SHORTLY.

1st half rehearsal 1 – 3:30pm (FIRST DAY MAY RUN UNTIL 4PM)

2nd half rehearsal 4 – 6pm

REVISED schedule for adult classes (Monday Jazz & Tap, Wednesday Adult Hip Hop, & Wednesday Jazz & Tap):

Tuesday June 11th & Wednesday June 12th – 1st half adult numbers will run at the beginning of the 2nd half rehearsal so you need to be at the Pikes Peak Center (parked and inside) by 3:30pm.

Thursday June 13th is a full dress rehearsal (full costume and makeup) on stage. The show will run in order. You need to be at the Pikes Peak Center by 12:30pm on Thursday (dressed and ready). Your loved ones/friends are welcome to come and watch from the audience on Thursday since it will run like the final production on Friday evening other than delays with tech and additional lighting. Pictures (NO FLASH EVER PLEASE) and video (of your dancer only) are allowed on Thursday during the dress rehearsal. Pictures and video are absolutely forbidden on the night of the production since Barb hires a professional photographer and videographer. Make sure you order your DVD in the office ASAP $45.00!

Friday June 14th – You will want to be settled at the Pikes Peak Center in costume and full makeup by 5pm at the latest. Time flies the night of the show. The adults (jazz, tap, hip hop, etc.) usually coordinate with each other and bring food to share in the dressing rooms (the less messy, the better) there are pictures and laughs all around. If you are able or want to arrive earlier than 5pm, that is ok too. For our younger dancers that are only in the first half, your dancer may be picked up at intermission at the STUDIO BEE EAST door from the lobby. More info on this will be sent at a later date.


*** RESERVED SEATING – Please be sure to let the rest of your group know where your reserved seats are. We truly appreciate all of the great feedback we have had from offering this. Please be patient in picking up your reserved passes. Thank you to our volunteers who make this run smoothly and spend lots of hours organizing!

If dancers are in both halves of the show, you are welcome to bring a sack lunch and snacks as needed. If dancers are only in one half or the other, please eat before you arrive. We are completely responsible for this gorgeous facility, and we truly appreciate everyone’s help in keeping things cleaned up!

Have a great show week!

BESD Faculty