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Summer Student Choreography Showcase

Please join us for the BESD SUMMER STUDENT CHOREOGRAPHY SHOWCASE at 2:00 pm on Friday, July 21st. There will be a pre-performance from 12:30-1:45 pm. The 1 hour performance will be followed by light refreshments.

Fall Registration available. 

Location: Cordera, 11894 Grand Lawn Circle, COS 80924



Summer Dance 2017 Schedule

Get registered for our amazing Summer dance program! Summer Session is 4 weeks and begins Monday, June 26th – July 20th, 2017. Tuesday, July 4th classes will be held on Friday, July 7th. The Summer Session will culminate with a STUDENT SHOWCASE at 2pm on Friday, July 21st.

Location: Cordera, 11894 Grand Lawn Circle, COS 80924

See attached files for summer dance rates & to print the summer schedule:

Any questions please contact Suzanne Dirscherl

Summer Recreation Dance Schedule:

Download (PDF, 1.95MB)

Ensemble Summer Dance Schedule:

Download (PDF, 1.22MB)


REC Dancers – $150 (4 weeks / 2 Hours weekly)

Hip Hop Program – $150 (4 weeks / 2 Hours weekly)

Intensive Program – $299 (4 weeks / 2 Hours weekly)  *Back by popular demand we are offering an “Intensive Program” for the recreational dancer who wishes to work on their technical skills at a faster pace and to challenge the dancer in ballet, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, and tap.

Int. Senior Ensemble / Senior Company – $640 (4 days a week / 17 hours weekly)

Junior Ensemble – $320 (4 weeks / 8 hours weekly)

Pre-Junior Ensemble – $320 (4 weeks / 8 hours weekly)

*All current Ensemble & Company may add Jr / Sr CREW on Tuesdays & Thursdays for only $92 (reg &150)



BESD Ensembles & Company

Attention Senior Ensemble ~ Here is a list of important dates for the 2016-2017 season. There is a rehearsal for “Depth Over Distance” on October 4th. We will be performing “Depth” one last time at “Dance, Dessert, and Dreams” this year, and will need a quick rehearsal to re-space and review the piece. There will be a follow up email in the near future with the cast list for that performance. If you have any questions please contact Ryann Fuchs.

Important Dates:

November 5-6 ~ “Dance Dessert and Dreams”

November 21-26 ~ Thanksgiving Break

December 12-17 ~ Parent’s Week

December 19 – January 1 ~ Winter Break

January 7-8 ~ Manhattan Dance Project *Senior required  ($209 Registration due November 12)

January 20-22 ~ Hollywood Vibe *Senior required  ($245 Registration due October 15) 

February 11-12 ~ Legacy Denver  (Registration due December 10) 

March 20-25 ~ Spring Break

April 21-23 ~ Talent On Parade  (Registration due January 21)

April 29-30 ~ KAR Denver   (Registration due February 18)

May 19-21 ~ StarPower Denver  (Registration due March 18)

June 5-9 ~ Recital Week


Registration Due Dates:

October 15 ~ Hollywood Vibe ($245)

November 12 ~ Manhattan Dance Project ($209)

December 10 ~ Legacy Denver

January 21 ~ Talent On Parade

February 18 ~ KAR Denver

March 18 ~ StarPower Denver


Rehearsal Dates:

October 4 ~ 6:45- 7:45pm Stretch & Strength / 7:45-9:00 Depth Over Distance

October 11 ~ 6:45- 7:45pm Leaps & Turns / 7:45-9:00 Hope There’s Someone

October 18 ~ 6:45- 7:45pm Leaps & Turns / 7:45-9:00 Trophy Rehearsal

October 25 ~ 6:45- 7:45pm Leaps & Turns / 7:45-9:00 Oya Rehearsal


NEW!! Barre Assets with Tara

Achieve your BEST BODY EVER with Tara! Join us at the BESD Studio for Barre Assets. First class is August 15th!

Ballet and tap will be offered at the same time, so parents can sculpt a new body instead of waiting around for your kids.

Class times:

Monday: 9:00 to 10:00 AM

Wednesday: Cardio barre: 9:00 to 10:00 AM

Friday: 10:00 to 11:00 AM

Free introductory class on September 7th 10:00 to 11:00

Cost: Pay Tara $10.00 a class. Punch cards with 10 classes are $100 *receive a free class. (This makes the classes about $9.00 each)

What to bring:

Yoga mat, light weights (2-5 lbs.), water, small exercise ball if you have one.

Benefits of Barre:

Barre Assets is specially designed fusion of exercises from Pilates, yoga, dance, and functional training. It’s a full-body workout that focuses on small isometric movements and is designed to sculpt, define, tone, and transform your body in a positive environment.

1. Targets trouble areas: My uniquely designed workout uses your own body weight to target typical problem areas for women including hips, thighs, lifting your bottom, flattening your abdominals, and defining your arms. It will work muscles you never knew existed and strengthen your body with long, lean muscle instead of the bulky weight often generated by standard workouts.

2. Focus on muscles, gentle on joints: Since it is low-impact, your joints, tendons, ligaments, and spine are spared unnecessary trauma, thereby reducing the risk of injury.

3. Avoid the Dreaded Plateau: Each Barre Assets class is an authentic experience, unique from the last. This confuses the muscles and prevents it from plateauing to maximize your body’s ability to burn calories.

4. No experience required: Everyone has different starting points, strengths, and challenges. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a dancer and haven’t practiced yoga. Tara will guide you through the movements and offer helpful feedback without singling you out and make modifications for every level to help you reach your potential.

5. Flexibility: Increase your range-of-motion and become more flexible while simultaneously strengthening your body. This combination will allow you to enjoy a longer, active life and reduce the risk of future injuries. Plus it will assist your endurance.

6. Rapid results: You WILL be sore after the first couple of classes, but you’ll also see some major results! With just 2-3 workouts a week, you will typically notice changes in as little as one month. *Improved posture, *Thinner, stronger thighs, *Toned arms, *Sculpted back, *Flattened abs, and a *Raised butt.

7. Lose weight and reshape: By building more lean muscle mass and raising your resting metabolic rate, your body can produce more energy to expend calories. By creating leaner muscle, Barre Assets forces your body to redistribute your body weight, making you look and feel thinner and toned.

In the Spotlight!

We are so excited to welcome Kurtis Aragon as one of our amazing & talented dance instructors this season! 

Kurtis Aragon was born and raised in Trinidad, CO and is currently the owner and artistic director of KINspire Pre-Professional Dance Studio. Although he took some rec classes for a brief period in high school, he began his formal training at the age of 18 and majored in dance at CU Boulder on a full-ride scholarship. During his college years, he trained and performed professionally with Centennial State Ballet (formerly Longmont Dance Theatre) under the direction of Kristen St. John. While there, he played the roles of “Arabian” and “Spanish” as well as “Snow King” understudy in the Nutcracker alongside Sasha and Stella Radetsky as well as “Cain” in Cain and Abel. Although he loves performing, his passion lies in continuing his training, educating youth and creating choreography. Kurtis has choreographed several award winning numbers and has many students who have received accolades and scholarships from multiple competitions. He recently opened up another studio in Pueblo and has been commissioned to teach workshops throughout the state. He is excited to be a part of the Barbara Ellis Studio of Dance family this Fall!

Fall 2017-8 Dance Schedule

Get registered for our amazing Fall dance program! Fall Session begins Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 and ends June 8th, 2018 with our Spring Production at the Pikes Peak Center. 

Download & print the BESD Fall 2017-2018 schedule:

Download (PDF, 2.95MB)

Download & print the registration form:

Tuition is due the first week of the month. A late fee of $15 will be added after the 10th. This dance season we will accept cash, credit cards (+ service charge) & auto bank payments. Bank check deposits may be mailed to:

Barbara Ellis Studio of Dance, 6872 Grapewood Circle, COS 80918

Download (PDF, 3.03MB)



Start spreading the news,
I am leaving today,
I want to be a part of it…..
New York, New York!!!

BESD in NYC June 19-24, 2017!!

For those of you that are interested the deposit is $150 per person. It is non-refundable. It is due due payable through the studio by April 20th, 20116 and there will be monthly installments due starting in May and final payment being due by March 15th, 2017. The trip is all inclusive other than food. In the past, we found the food being included a wasteful fee to pay as everyone had different food desires. The trip will range from $1900 – $2100 per person. It is the same cost for all going and as soon as we have a firm deposit and number of people, I can give an exact cost and payment plan. We fly together and will all be at the same hotel. If you have been on this trip, you already know how exciting it is! With your deposit, please include your full legal name. You will be given liability forms, with medical info, etc….as we get closer to leaving. You will also then be given a packet with all pertinent traveling info!

The trip includes airfare, airport transportation to and from in NYC, hotel accommodations for 5 nights and 6 days, tour guide (KENN….we love him!), all tours and excursions, dance clinics, 4 Broadway Shows (with time for 5 for those who wish to attend another show!), this also includes meeting the cast of one show for an informative “Q & A”…..always awesome! On your own,we leave a day free to see additional sights (highly suggest the 911 MEMORIAL MUSEUM). This does require a reservation. Or for something more light hearted, maybe a day at Central Park or the fabulous many shopping areas! We primarily walk and take the subway everywhere as it gets you into the “local flavor” off living in NYC. I do encourage everyone to plan about $3-$5 in tips daily for our guide and hotel room staff.

Please contact Suzanne directly if you are serious and would like to plan on going. ( While the kids attend dance clinics with choreographers and performers, there are plenty of fun things for the parent/s to do!

Broadway Shows that have been requested are the incredible HAMILTON, and AMERICAN IN PARIS, the new revival of CATS, SINGING IN THE RAIN starring Derek Hough, and the revival of GYPSY starring Bette Midler!!! We primarily see brand new shows that you will not likely see on tour for quite a while.

Looking forward to another fabulous NYC trip with many of you! 

BESD Supports Red Nose Day!

Walgreens visits Colorado Springs, Colorado to capture tiny dancers getting seriously silly for Red Nose Day. Suzanne Dirscherl at BESD decided to surprise her tiny little dancers with a box full of Red Nose Flair – so they can learn the importance of giving back to children living in poverty. Special Thanks to Barbara Ellis Studio of Dance: for donating their time and space for our fun visit. And special thanks to all of the parents and little girls out there who believe in the power of giving back to the community, by raising our children, from a very young age, to learn the importance of helping other kids in need.

NEW Tuition Policies & Procedures

2016-2017 PRICING:
New Payment Procedure & Changes in RED

Tuition is due the first week of the month. A late fee of $15 will be added after the 10th. NEW! This dance season we will accept cash & auto bank payments ONLY. Bank check deposits may be mailed to:

Barbara Ellis Studio of Dance, 6872 Grapewood Circle, COS 80918

*** SPECIAL*** for NEW STUDENTS this dance season : 2 hours of class for 2 dancers = $80 monthly)


1.5 HRS – $65

2 HRS – $75

2.5 HRS – $90

3 HRS. – $100

3.5HRS – $115

4 HRS. – $130

4.5 HRS – $145

5 HRS. – $160

5.5 HRS – $175

6 HRS. – $190

6.5 HRS – $205

7 HRS. – $220

7.5 HRS – $235

8 HRS. – $250

8.5 HRS – $265

9 HRS. – $280

9.5 HRS – $295

10 HRS. – $310



*****ALL DANCERS MUST HAVE 10+ HRS*****    Discount of 20%, 25%, & 30% is added to the sibling discount NOT overall tuition.

1ST SIBLING : RECEIVE 20% DISCOUNT (off individual dancer’s tuition 1st sibling)

2ND SIBLING: RECEIVE 25% DISCOUNT (off individual dancer’s tuition of 2nd sibling)

3 OR MORE SIBLINGS 30% DISCOUNT (off individual dancer’s tuition of 3rd sibling)